Bell bottom and Platform shoes - the 70s are back!

What is trending this Spring and Summer!?

Get your bellbottoms and platform shoes on, because the 70’s are back in a big way! We can’t resist the calm and welcoming demeanor of woven textures, warm earth tone velvets, and natural wood tones. Here are some looks that we think you will love, including lights, rugs, and seating options. All of these pieces can be found at HOME by Stamm & Black. Just ask one of our four designers!

We are incorporating rattan in some of our designs, as it is primarily a light and “airy” use of wood and is great for small spaces. Whether it’s a fixture, window treatment, occasional stool, or the focal point of a room, we can’t get enough of this warm natural look!  Baskets and pot holders are another way to accessorize any space for those on a budget, while still attaining a similar look. So, let that inner boho out and get weaving!