The Do’s and Dont’s for accessorizing built in shelves


Often times, decorating and accessorizing built in shelves can be a daunting task. Some people over clutter their shelves leaving them to look unkempt and too busy. On the other hand some people are so stuck with what to do, that they simply don’t accessorize at all!

Well we’re here to help you tackle this difficult task! Take a look at our DO’S and DONT’S and try to have fun with the whole process. Pour yourself a glass of rose and let’s get started!

DO remove all accessories currently on your shelf or shelves. It helps to start with a clean slate and make a pile on the floor of everything you’ve taken off. From there decide what in that pile and can go and what you’d like to use.

Don’t break the bank. It doesn’t have to cost a ton to accessorize. Finding the right pieces could entail using a bowl you found for $5 at a yard sale, or a black and white framed photo of your kids. Expensive doesn’t always mean tasteful.

DO mix old with new. It is always a good idea to mix family heirlooms and items close to your heart with newer items. The combination of both add both appeal and sophistication. Often times we simply re-purpose accessories from other rooms of our home and it gives new life to both the accessory and the space itself!

DON’T over accessorize. It is all too often that we see built in shelves stuffed with books and accessories, and it’s not only cluttered, but also makes the space seem smaller. You don’t have to cover every bit of open space with something. It’s much more flattering and spacious to have focal points on each self. Sometimes less is more!

DO add greenery! I can’t stress this enough. In all of our designs, we add at least one piece of greenery to almost every space. Whether it’s a succulent on a small shelf, or a large standing floor plant, greenery adds a natural pop of color and makes the space more “homey”. This also applies to accessorizing built in shelves...adding a vase with flowers or a glass bowl of moss, will completely transform the area and liven things up...literally!

DON’T make your shelves symmetrical! Have fun with each shelf...layering items, adding texture, color, and different materials will draw your house guests over to check out everything you have on display. As an example...try stacking a box on top of two books with a tall vase next to it. Remember, everything doesn’t have to be “matchy-matchy”. You’d be surprised what things work together when you take the time to play around with it all.

Lastly...DO have fun with it! This should be a fun, organic process that will take time. So don’t stress yourself out and rush things. The best designs are usually the ones that are well thought out and executed over time. After all, interior design isn’t a “quick fix”. It takes time to bring things together for the design to look and feel it’s best. Our team are suckers for wallpaper and accent lighting for wallpaper, and it’s a great way to feature everything on your shelves. Try a navy blue grass cloth wallpaper or gold leaf sconces to add something a little extra. Good luck and have fun!